This was beautiful. It was very familiar, we lost two dogs this summer in close succession which was very hard on the two younger children. The oldest is entering her junior year of college and wrapped up in school, work, and boyfriend and distant. It was an odd summer, and for a change I am looking forward to the steadiness of the school schedule resuming.

Your piece brought to mind the day my father picked me up from school at noon on a Wed. He never picked me up, especially in the middle of the day, and sure enough the news was not good and my own grandmother, who we lived with, had passed. Her legacy of ten children and a clan of grand and great grands is in her own faith and prayers, and I could easily see her writing something similar. Thank you for sharing.

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Writer. Mountaineer diaspora. Vet. Managing Editor @ordinarytimemag, Writings found @arcdigi & elsewhere. Writing about food, folks, & faith at Yonder & Home

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