New Heard Tell: Hard Times at the Movies

What’s Wrong w/the Movie Industry After a Terrible Memorial Day Weekend w/ film critic Luis Mendez of the Mendez Movie Report

Andrew Donaldson
2 min readMay 30, 2024

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Your Heard Tell Show is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern our times by digging into the business and cultural factors that cause movie theater box offices to have their worst Memorial Day Weekend in a generation. Film critic Luis Mendez of the Mendez Movie Report returns to talk not just why films like Furiosa and Garfield failed to live up to the usual movie bonanza of the holiday, but also how business changes, streaming, and other factors play a huge role into what does and doesn’t make it to the big screen these days. Plus, Luis and host Andrew talk about the head of Netflix giving



Andrew Donaldson

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