Heard Tell w/ Andrew Donaldson For 21SEP22

A Defense of Virtue Signaling?, New England Politics, Social Media Use w/ Krista Kafer & Adam Bass

Andrew Donaldson


Your Heard Tell Show for Wednesday, September the 21th, 2022 is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern the times we live by hashing out virtue signaling, primaries and politics in New England, social media use, and more.

Our guest is Denver Post columnist Krista Kafer, who joins us to explain her writing “There is nothing wrong with virtue signaling” while making a wider point that everyone does it, but there is a difference between someone with a yard sign or social media post that is mostly harmless, and government and elected officials using virtue signaling to conduct public policy. Krista also talks the overall state of the political discourse, how social media is affecting folks as they discuss hot button issues, and brings some perspective from having been on both sides of policy making.

Then, our guest is journalist Adam Bass of the North Star Reporter and Cod Cabin Podcast. to talk the recent primaries and politics of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Adam brings some local perspective to how even in states and elections that are solidly blue, there are lessons to learn, nuances that shouldn’t be missed, and how while staying firmly in control of one party both the electorate and the candidates being elected are changing in meaningful ways.

All that and more on this Wednesday edition of Heard Tell.

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