Heard Tell w/ Andrew Donaldson For 20SEP22

Broader Perspective & Blunt Data on Immigration, Remembering Patrick, Puerto Rico, w/ Aadi Golchha

Andrew Donaldson


Your Heard Tell Show for Tuesday, September the 20th, 2022 is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern the times we live by having some grown folk talk and wider perspective on immigration, remembering a friend we have lost, another hurricane in Puerto Rico, and more

Our guest today is Aadi Golchha of Young Voices and host of The Economics Review podcast. Aadi and host Andrew talk big picture problems, cultural battles, and policy failures surrounding immigration in America. Aadi talks us through the different layers of mess immigration has become from the visa system, to green cards, citizenship process, and the outdated standards and caps put upon legal immigration. Aadi also talks about astonding data about the economic effect of immigration, and the startling bureaucratic failure that has created a backlog that is measured in decades to fix.

Also, we remember our friend Patrick Anders by talking about how the saying “Twitter ain’t real life” doesn’t apply when you use social media to make real life friends, and how Patrick affected so many lives that the tributes mostly start with “I never met him in real life, but…” So, host Andrew talks about our friend in real life, and the lesson we should take from how he lived his.

Plus, five years after Hurricane Maria wrecked havoc on Puerto Rico the island is again recovering from a storm, we cover what did — and didn’t — change in the interval time and how old problems still are revealed by crisis while the folks down there suffer.

All that and more on this Tuesday edition of Heard Tell.

Ken White’s (Popehat) tribute to Patrick can be read here: https://popehat.substack.com/p/a-farewell-to-a-friend

Neva, Patrick’s wife, tells their story here: https://twitter.com/pipandbaby/status/1571752928582541312?s=20&t=Tr8_8dzeuMzkBE1veZrVIQ

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