Heard Tell w/Andrew Donaldson for 15Aug22

Tax Policy of US, UK, & EU; GOP Rep’s Reax to Mar-a-Lago Search; Climate Change & Kids; w/ Sean Bray

Andrew Donaldson
2 min readAug 15, 2022


Your Heard Tell for Monday, August the 15th, 2022, is turning down the news cyce noise and getting to the information we need on the spectrum of reaction GOP members of the House of Representatives are having one weeek on from the Mar-a-Lago search warrants, and how some calls for tempering the rhetoric are only driving others to push harder. A CBS Morning segment that takes new data on kids today being less fit than previous generations takes a turn towards blaming climate change, we’ll review the claims and viral reaction to talk about a few other things that might be involved before the environment comes into play. Our guest today is Sean Bray, EU Policy Analyst at the Tax Foundation to talk about not only America’s tax policy, but how the UK and EU’s policies are all interconnected and affect each other. Sean helps us turn down the math, theory, and complexity of things like corporate taxes to explain why we should be aware and pay attention to tax policies like VAT and corporate tax rates and how they affect policies, populations, and trade. Sean also talks about how taxes are front and center of the UK Conservative Party’s debate between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak in their quest for leadership, and where the UK ranks among peer nations when it comes to taxes. Also, Sean talks about why it is important for American’s to pay atttention to the practical side of how tax policy is formed around the world, to keep perspective on our own complicated and and imefficent tax system. Plus, Ukranian children who had a stage play about absentee parents interrupted by the war come to New York to stage it, with a renewed meaning and very unique fundraising goals. All that and more on the Monday edition of Heard Tell.

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