Heard Tell w/ Andrew Donaldson for 09Aug22

Economist Critiques Economy Headlines, Remote Work Debate, Non-Church Evanglicals, w/ Stephen Popick

Andrew Donaldson
2 min readAug 9, 2022


Your Heard Tell for Tuesday, August the 9th, 2022 is turning down the noise of the news cycle and getting to the information we need to discern the time we live in by getting to what is really going on with yet another high profile media figure, this time Malcom Gladwell, opining on working from home, and getting plenty of pushback. We’ll talk the pros, cons, hypocrisy, and changing times of work and labor remote and otherwise. The convicted killers of Ahmaud Arbery are sentenced in their federal hate crimes trial, we’ll cover the details including Travis McMichael’s request of the legal system that really throws into relief what he did on that viral video as he lynched an innocent man. Our guest today is once again economist Dr. Stephen Popick (Jericho Hill) who returns to talk the big words causing big consternation in our news media like inflation, recesssion, cost of living, and more. Stephen also will go through some of the economic headlines from various news sources and tell us what is noise, what is fact, what we need to pay attention to, and what economic numbers and terms are just being used without proper context. Also, a piece in Christianity Today that Head Tell subscribers asked us to look into, we will talk about new data about the political and cultural leanings of evangelicals who do not regularly attend church, but are very politically and social media active. We end the program on a good note as always, this time how virtual stray cats are helping raise money for their real life conterparts. All that and more on this Tuesday edition of Heard Tell.

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