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How Hong Kong Lost Freedom, From Protester to Exile, & Warning Others w/ Frances Hui & Grace Bydalek

Andrew Donaldson


On this episode of the Heard Tell Podcast Hong Kong native Frances Hui and Dissident Project Manager Grace Bydalek join host Andrew Donaldson to talk about what really happens when freedom is taken away by authoritarians.

Frances details her own personal story of growing up in Hong Kong, how events led her to become and activitst, how China started stripping away freedom and rights from Hong Kong’s people, what the protests were really like, and the heartbreaking moments they knew their freedoms where gone. Frances talks about her struggles, her journey to political asylum in America, and how she works to continue to highlight China’s abuse of Hong Kong and others while trying to keep the culture and true history of Hong Kong alive. Frances also explains how she came to joing the Dissident Project, and the importance of teaching and giving first person accounts of how authoritarian regimes can take away freedoms, abuse human rights, and how freedom loving people must stand up to them.

Dissident Project Manager Grace Bydalek explains the importance of taking stories lof folks ike Frances to schools and other groups, putting a face on things only read about or seen on the news, and the vital work of giving voice to those who have experienced the horrors of losing their freedom first hand. Grace talks about how using things like technology, social media, and good old-fashioned face-to-face interactions can all be used communicate effectively with students of high school and college age just how precious and vulnerable things like freedom and rights can be, and what everyone can do about it.

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