Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Post-election Intramurals Edition

It’s Intramurals for Harsh Your Mellow Monday; Team Blue’s AOC v. Joe Manchin, Team Red’s Crenshaw v. Green, Fox News v. MAGA in media, plus much more

Andrew Donaldson
8 min readNov 16, 2020


“Metropolis”, directed by Fritz Lang, 1927. F.W. Murnau Foundation

On this Harsh Your Mellow Monday, let us consider the intramurals, the inside group fights that are filling the time between the election and the installing of the new congress and president. It’s basically a political silly season where folks are jockeying for power, trying to predict the future, but mostly everyone is bored for content so we have to rehash the minor spats of pols and trending nonsense of social media rumors.

But among that silly season, there are plenty of folks with unjustified mellows that need to be dealt with, so like the old timers in the mines would say, let’s get boring with the big auger.

Team Blue Intramural

So, this happened:

Dems in Disarray!?!?! Possibly, but not really. This is more continuation of old feuds than new interwebs hotness.

Back in 2017, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) had a contentious and now-legendary conference call in the run-up to his 2018 re-election campaign. Long story short, a bunch of the more progressive/Democratic socialist-minded folks wanted some concessions from the lone remaining Democrat to hold statewide office in West Virginia. Included on the call was the group Brand New Congress then run by the future — and now former, at the insistence of Speaker Nancy Pelosi — Chief of Staff for Rep Ocasio-Cortez, Saikat Chakrabarti, among others. Old Joe, much like Grover on letter “G” day on Sesame Street, was all out of “Fs” to give the folks he dismissed as “bitter Sanders supporters”, cursed them out, then told them if they didn’t like it they should back a candidate to get him voted out of office.

They did, in the person of Paula Jean Swearengin, who also became one of the first Senate candidates…



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