Harsh Your Mellow Monday: Fire, Fury, and Frustration Edition

3 things that hard wire our society to repeat this cycle of doom need to be addressed, or will be doing this all over again

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“Metropolis”, directed by Fritz Lang, 1927. F.W. Murnau Foundation

No, This Time Won’t Be Different…Unless

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Photo by Rosa Pineda via Wikimedia Commons

Eight Great Minutes in American Rhetoric

This is superb. Even in not agreeing with all of it (review boards are well and good but unless you do the three things I outlined in [HM1] they are powerless) this is some Patrick Henry-level stuff on citizenship, freedom, rights, and the responsibilities of all three. I don’t care if there is some language and it’s raw. You don’t think a 2020 version of P-Henny wouldn’t drop some F-bombs and sluts on King George in today’s vernacular? Watch this.

Know When to Shut Up, Charlie Kirk Edition

There is a lack of self awareness and then there is 501Charlie3. Let us come together as a people to mock the ridiculousness of Charlie Kirk.

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